Program History

UEPI has been working on food justice and food security issues for over 25 years. Below is an overview of some of our past programs.

Healthy School Food Coalition

(2001 – 2016)

The Healthy School Food Coalition (HSFC) began with a group of parents, organizers, and advocates determined to get junk food out of LAUSD schools. HSFC advocacy successfully resulted in the Healthy Beverage Resolution (a.k.a. “Soda Ban”) in 2002, which removed sodas and similar beverages from school stores and vending machines. Later successes included the Obesity Prevention Motion (2003) and the Cafeteria Improvement Motion (2005), and the development of the comprehensive Blueprint for Wellness, all of which added important provisions to create healthier food environments for students at school. The HSFC program also gave rise to other initiatives in collaboration with California Food Policy Advocates and the LA County Department of Public Health, which in turn helped to form and implement school meal policy and parent nutrition education.

The legacy of HSFC continues in our work with Building Health Communities: Boyle Heights and our NELA Farm to School and Wellness Initiative.

Farm to WIC

(2009 – 2013)

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National Farm to School Network

(2003 – 2012)

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Community Food Assessments

(2002 – 2012)

Beginning in the early 2000s with Project C.A.F.E., UEPI began working with communities to document fresh food access within neighborhoods. Project C.A.F.E. documented the disproportionate lack of full service grocery stores in South Los Angeles neighborhoods, and subsequent projects examined the relationship of public transportation to food access.