Author: Megan Bomba

FAQs on the Senior FMNP in Los Angeles

What is the Senior FMNP program? The Senior FMNP program is just like the WIC FMNP program, only it’s for low-income seniors instead of WIC participants. If you are authorized to accept WIC FMNP, you are authorized to accept Senior FMNP. Double check if your market is authorized by checking this list here. Will seniors […]



LAUSD takes steps to provide clean drinking water to students

On April 23rd, the LAUSD school board approved the allocation of $15 million towards comprehensive lead testing and the establishment of water infrastructure to keep lead levels below 5 parts per billion (in contrast to the state level of 15 ppb). This is an important step in reducing a known hazard in the schools. It […]



map LA farmers markets

Are farmers markets located where they should be?

When farmers markets came into being in California in 1978, one of the goals was to provide for greater access to fresh foods in underserved and low-income communities. Even before the term “food desert” was coined, people were thinking that farmers markets would serve communities where grocery stores could not. Today, there are over 130 […]



Greens aren’t just for eating

Bok Choy is high in minerals like iron and vitamins like vitamins B and A. It’s also a great source of fiber, and can be added to stir fries and soups to help families get their 5 vegetable servings a day. But students participating in our Harvest of the Month pilot program learned a lot […]



Why UEPI stands with striking LAUSD teachers and students

What does the teachers’ strike have to do with kids’ health? Everything UEPI has been dedicated to advocating for healthy food in the school system for over 20 years, organizing a parent coalition to ban soda from school, pioneering locally-sourced salad bar programs, and writing the first Harvest of the Month curriculum for pre-schoolers. Currently, […]



Piloting a fresh, new Harvest of the Month at Northeast LA schools

LAUSD teachers fondly remember Harvest of the Month: a nutrition education program using seasonal taste-tests to expose children to new fruits and vegetables. This month, we started a new pilot program using Harvest of the Month to bring together teachers, parents, and local farmers markets. Last week at Latona Ave. Elementary School, UEPI staff Rosa […]

Oxy Food Justice Programs receive $1.5 million in grants

Three grants totaling $1.5 million made it possible for Occidental College’s Urban & Environmental Policy Institute to expand regional food justice projects that over the past two decades have led to healthier food choices in public schools and created new markets for local small farmers. Read more from the Oxy Newsroom